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My Tax Returns are submitted at the last minute or Late

Although accountants are professionals, it seems all too common in accountancy to treat deadlines as the date for completion. This is particularly common with personal tax returns and VAT returns.

This is a significant issue. Not only can you not plan for any tax bills, but when anything is left to the last minute, mistakes occur.

Our approach is that returns can be completed on the first day of the new period. Our goal is to process all returns on the first day we are able.

To ensure no returns are submitted at the last minute, we:

  • Limit the number of clients we serve to ensure we are not overwhelmed.
  • Request all the necessary data on the first day that we can complete a return.
  • Compile business records monthly and review the data frequently.
  • Ensure all our staff are highly trained, reducing the time required to process data.

If you choose C&C, you can rely on us to give you ample breathing space.

I'm informed of tax bills just a month or a day before submission.

Unexpected tax bills are unwelcome, especially if you haven't planned for them. Our entire business model is centred around ensuring business owners are fully informed about their finances.

Chippendale and Clark have established systems to process all returns as soon as we receive the data. Being highly organised, we request the data for tax returns on the first possible day.

We offer digital systems to simplify data submission. Our proven bookkeeping system, managed by well-trained and disciplined staff, ensures accuracy, with a senior staff member reviewing all entries.

We also provide quarterly management reports for our business clients, estimating tax bills for the ongoing year. With this level of organisation, tax bills should never come as a surprise.

My accountant is not "proactive".

It's a common complaint that accountants are not proactive, often only communicating once a year, just before a deadline.

We address this by working monthly or even weekly with clients. All bookkeeping and processing is completed weekly, with your dedicated account manager regularly reviewing the data.

Tax rates and planning don't change significantly year on year. To be proactive, your accountant needs a deep understanding of your business. Our proactive approach ensures you have up-to-date financial data, enabling you to make informed business decisions.

With C&C, you'll have a dedicated chartered tax advisor, account manager, and bookkeeper who will all be familiar with your business, allowing us to identify trends. Naturally, our unique approach includes built-in tax planning. As we're in regular contact, we're always on hand to advise on reducing your tax bills.

I need more advice, but my accountant can't help.

Although Chippendale and Clark is a small team of just 10, we boast a high proportion of Chartered staff, including Chartered Management Accountants, Chartered Certified Accountants, and Chartered Tax Advisers.

There isn't a business situation we can't handle, thanks to our exceptional technical skills. All advice stems from accurate records. Our proven bookkeeping system and regular data reviews provide a real-time snapshot of your business, enabling you to plan effectively and allowing us to answer any queries.

Remember, we also send quarterly management accounts as standard, so we're always providing ongoing advice.

Mistakes with payroll are frequent

Payroll can be complex, whether it's for one payslip or 150. We believe the primary issue between accountants and clients is a lack of a structured process for delivering payroll records. If you're manually entering payroll hours and sick days into an email every month, errors are inevitable.

We provide your business with a process to report hours, pay rates, and salaries to us each month. We have a unique form for new starters, ensuring we have all the information we need. If payroll is causing you stress, we're here to help.

I handle my own bookkeeping but want more support from my accountant.

We've addressed this by insisting on managing the bookkeeping ourselves. We believe experts should stick to their expertise. Bookkeeping is a technical and often undervalued task, requiring knowledge in Income Tax, VAT, Corporation Tax, as well as understanding financial reporting standards and bookkeeping debits and credits.

Over the years, we've learned that to be effective accountants, we need timely and accurate data. The best way to ensure this is for us to handle the bookkeeping. If you wish to do your own bookkeeping, we may not be the right fit for you. We advocate investing in your finance function to ensure it's flawless.

I'm in the dark about my business's monthly status.

Many small businesses pay their accountant at the year's end for tax calculations, but that's where the service often ends. Another common complaint is that accountants aren't proactive, but clients aren't always willing to pay for proactive services.

Chippendale and Clark have addressed both issues. We offer monthly services to compile meaningful business records, enabling business owners to plan for growth and investment. It's essential for a competent business owner to keep an eye on their finances and have an excellent accounting function. With our organised approach to bookkeeping, regular reviews, and management accounts prepared by senior staff, we offer insights that give you a competitive edge.

My accountant rarely responds to emails.

This is a common issue with accountants who either undervalue their services or take on too much work. Often, it's a combination of both. Because their rates are low, they have to accept more work to stay afloat.

Chippendale and Clark are highly organised and methodical. We set strict limits on the number of clients we serve to ensure we remain a small, technically proficient service provider. We pride ourselves on offering what we believe is the best customer service in the area. After all, what's the point of having an accountant if you can't ask questions?

I struggle to reach my accountant.

This is a recurring issue with accountants who either undervalue their services or are overwhelmed with work. Often, it's both. Because their rates are low, they have to accept excessive workloads to make ends meet.

Chippendale and Clark are meticulously organised and planned. We set strict limits on the number of clients we serve to ensure we remain a small, technically proficient service provider. We've gone a step further by not employing administrative staff. This means when you call us, you'll speak directly to someone who can resolve your issue.

I'm often caught off guard by bills from my accountant.

In addition to last-minute work, many new clients have complained about unexpected bills from their previous accountants.

Chippendale and Clark's billing is fixed for the services we provide. All fees are agreed upon in advance, invoiced monthly, and collected by Direct Debit mid-month. As a client, your situation may change, and you might request additional assistance. In such cases, we'll provide an updated proposal and fee structure before making any changes. With us, you'll always know what you're paying.

Every time I call my accountant, I speak to someone different.

Chippendale and Clark is not a large practice. Our strategy is to remain a small, bespoke practice with the technical skills to handle any engagement while maintaining a personal touch. As a business client, you'll be familiar with at least three members of staff dedicated to your account.

We offer attractive employment terms and opportunities, resulting in a low staff turnover rate. This ensures you'll always speak to someone familiar with your business.

A thoroughly sensible accountancy practice

We are a highly-qualified team of professional charted management and tax accountants.

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