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Personal Tax Return information request


Chippendale & Clark’s clients will notice something a little bit different in the way we ask for client Tax Return information this year.

In our aim to complete all Tax returns by October 2021, we have introduced a new internal process to improve the efficiency in receiving the Tax Return information this year.

Some clients have already received an email identifying what Tax Return information is required, whereas others, who require P60’s and other information from employers which takes a little longer to receive, will be receiving their emails at the end of the month. The part of the process you, as a client, will see, is the new Tax Return Information email which is bespoke to each individual.

Our aim is to ensure that all areas of the Tax return have been considered prior to its completion and review. For example, we know most clients have Payroll Income and Dividend Income, but have you forgotten to tell us about Rental Income? Or an outstanding Student Loan? If the answer is yes, your email response should pick up any missing information from the offset.

Equally, if your circumstances have changed, now is the opportunity to advise us to ensure your tax return information is complete.

Why 31st October?

Chippendale and Clark have been working hard on our efficiencies and processes over the past year to ensure all clients are receiving a consistent and high level service. Many of our clients have been moved onto monthly bookkeeping and are already receiving the benefits of having a client manager review their accounts on a quarterly basis. Because we are now using real time information, we are able to complete individual Tax returns much sooner in the year as we produce accounts soon after the year end passes.

We are proud to say that we did not use the 28th February 2021 deadline extension for any of our clients, and we managed to complete all Tax returns in advance of the 31st January 2021 deadline! But this year we want to go one step better!

Help us in our mission of kicking the stereotype accountant whose rushed off their feet in January out of the door and keep an eye out for those emails!

Prospect Clients

If you are reading this and you were unfortunately a client who had their Tax return submitted by another accountancy firm on the final days of January, or even February, please do not hesitate to give us a call to discuss your accountancy requirements.

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