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At Chippendale and Clark, we offer a wide range of services which we’ll happily tailor into a package that suits your business. We promise there’ll be no accountancy mumbo jumbo, just genuine insight and proactive advice that means you’ll always be tax-efficient and never miss important HMRC deadlines.

Chippenham Based Accountants in Wiltshire 

Everything begins with bookkeeping

If you are looking for accountants in Chippenham our common sense approach starts with keeping on top of your books. Because all our services are based on us doing your bookkeeping, we can be certain we have all the up-to-date, accurate information we need to give reliable support and advice.

Teamwork is everything. Our bookkeepers work closely with our accountants to ensure we never miss a thing. From a looming deadline to an opportunity to save money and help grow your business grow. And because we’re sharing the same cloud-based technology, we can provide interactive solutions and work with you efficiently and dynamically.

If you don’t see the service you’re looking for here, just pick up the phone and give us a call Chippendale and Clark Chippenham accountants and bookkeepers. We never forget that we’re here to help you, so we don’t charge for a conversation!

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  • What our clients say

    • Dean Tallentire


      “Chippendale & Clark are friendly, accurate, on time and very precise. They've helped me so much and and sorted out all my problems - I've got total faith in them. Spot on. I'm very satisfied.”

    • Keith Walley

      Dancers of Chippenham Ltd

      “It has been a revelation in finance working with Phil and his team. Our invoices decreased due to being taught how to do our accounts correctly so that Chippendale and Clark could give us an end product. Help was available in the Tax and VAT areas and when we decided to retire they helped tremendously with the closing of the business and Company’s House. It has been an absolute holiday working with Phil and his team, they make accountancy profitable for all and make it easy for you to enjoy your profits.”

    • Mike Radcliffe

      Radcliffe Fire Protection

      “Chippendale & Clark provide a friendly and personal service. They're very knowledgeable and experienced and have really helped with my day to day financial affairs. They leave me to get on with what I do best which is running the business rather than getting tied up with the money side of things – providing everything for us from bookkeeping to VAT to PAYE. I don't think they could do any more.”

    • David Bird

      Digger Hire and Groundworks

      “Chippendale & Clark are ever so easy to get on with. I ask them questions and they definitely sort out any problems that I've got so that's good for me. They get my tax sorted out correctly so I've got no problems in the future. And they are so much more efficient than other accountants I've used in the past; they're completely on the ball and perfect for my small business.”

    • David Wood

      i23 Design Limited

      “Chippendale & Clark are very professional and they know what they're doing. I feel like if there's a way to save me money, that they know exactly what to do – legally and properly. They’ve taken a massive weight off my mind. I feel safe knowing that Chippendale & Clark are my accountant. I completely trust that everything is being done properly.”

    • Kirsty Peters

      Bright Affect

      “Chippendale & Clark provide a very personal service; You get that family feel to it. Everybody knows you when you call up. They've helped to save us money, and to be more efficient. Chippendale & Clark accountants Chippenham Wiltshire helped to put us back on our feet again.”

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