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Xero: The lowdown

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Xero online accounting software

The accountancy sector has undergone a radical change in recent years due to digital technology. Old ways of dealing with business accounts have been replaced by Cloud-based packages. These Cloud-based accountancy tools have allowed businesses to manage their accounts in a much more flexible and useful way. As the UK Government presses on with plans to make tax returns digital too, this type of software becomes even more key.
One name that you may have heard of in this area is Xero. But what is it and why is it so popular?

Xero: The lowdown

Put simply, Xero is a piece of online accounting software that helps you to record your company’s key financial details and payments. It also has a host of other features such as the ability to create invoices, reconcile payments and top-class financial reporting. This software works entirely online and can also be accessed by your accountant when they need to prepare your annual or quarterly tax returns. It is also a vital tool for modern businesses to help stimulate growth. By accessing the powerful business reports in Xero, you can use the data there to make key strategic business decisions.

Why is Xero so popular?

The real secret to Xero’s popularity is the real-time insights it gives into your business accounts. However, without proper guidance, you may encounter some problems when using this complicated software. Here at Chippendale and Clark, we have a proven system that lets businesses interact with Xero on a daily basis, but we also keep firm control over the quality of records – meaning that you won’t have to worry about juggling everything yourself, but will still be able to make the most of the software.

Professional Cloud-based accountants

If you would like a professional accountancy firm to help handle your accounts on Xero, give Chippendale and Clark a call today on 01249 465 435. We are experts in using Cloud-based software to prepare tax returns and provide real-time insights into how your business is performing.

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