Furlough ended on 30th September 2021

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The furlough scheme has protected millions of jobs during the Coronavirus pandemic. The scheme was extended to 30th September 2021 earlier this year, with tapering amounts from 1st July.

For all claims from 1 July 2021, employers had to top up their employees’ wages to make sure they receive 80% of their wages (up to £2,500) for the hours they were on furlough.

For claims relating to August and September 2021, the government paid 60% of wages (up to a maximum cap of £1,875) for the hours the employee was on furlough.

Claims for the September furlough must be made by 14th October 2021. If any amendments need to be made to this submission, then the latest date to do this is 28th October 2021.

Approximately one million workers were expected to be on the scheme at the end of September, according to estimates by the Office for National Statistics.

What if I have claimed too much furlough by mistake?

If you have claimed too much furlough grant and have not already repaid the overclaimed amount, you can repay as part of your next online claim without needing to call HMRC.

If you claimed too much but do not plan to submit further claims, you must notify HMRC and make a repayment online through its card payment service or by bank transfer within 30 days.

You must notify HMRC and repay the money by the latest of whichever date below applies:

  • 90 days from receiving the furlough money you’re not entitled to
  • 90 days from the point circumstances changed so that you were no longer entitled to keep the furlough grant.

If you do not do this, you may have to pay interest and a penalty as well as repaying the excess furlough grant.

For further information, please check HMRC’s guidance here:

How to correct overclaims

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