Dext – The New Receipt Bank

Business Support

Many of our bookkeeping clients will be used to using the Receipt Bank app to record their sales and purchase invoices. Chippendale and Clark then use these receipts to complete your bookkeeping in a more efficient and effective manner. But have you noticed something a little different about your receipt bank app?

Receipt Bank is now Dext, and Dext is so much more

Dext is the essential digital accounting platform to fetch all paperwork to one place and get your business financially fit. Never miss an invoice or receipt, by connecting to thousands of suppliers, PayPal, and email to pull all the data you need into a single digital dashboard.

To access the new software please click here to log in. You can use the same log in information you used for receipt bank!


If your accountant does not complete your records monthly or encourages you to use a software system such as Dext to process your receipts, please contact the office to find out more information.

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