Tax Return Deadline

31st January Tax Return deadline


It is that time of the year where the festive season has passed, and HMRC start to reach out to the country on radio stations and TV advertisements advising of the 31st January 2021 Personal Self-Assessment Tax Return deadline.

Here at Chippendale and Clark, due to the way in which we complete 90% of our clients bookkeeping digitally monthly, we have the majority of the information from most of our client’s way before the 31st January deadline, some clients have their Tax returns submitted as early as 6th April!

However, we do have a few clients (you know who you are!) who leave this to the last minute. This is not only a problem for us as an accountants, trying to get your submissions completed before the deadline, but it is also impractical for you as a client. It leaves minimal time to gather cash funds to pay any Personal Tax liabilities and it can also be a personal stress for you personally leaving it to the last minute.

New Years Resolution

I am sure many of our New Years resolutions for 2020 went out of the window as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic! However, this year set a simple new year’s resolution, especially for those repeat offenders, to have you records in earlier than you have had them in this year!

Chippendale and Clarks aim will be to have all Personal Tax returns submitted before Christmas 2021, watch this space!

Chippendale and Clark wish you a Happy New Year!

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